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PoC Services

INVASSO transforms innovative ideas into tangible proofs of concept. We go beyond theory, demonstrating the feasibility and potential of your visionary concepts. From concept to prototype, we pave the way for groundbreaking solutions that redefine industries.

Rapid concept validation for investor and stakeholder buy-in
Prototype development with real-world functionality
A clear road map for full-scale implementation
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A Proof of Concept (PoC) is a focused and limited implementation of a product or technology to demonstrate its feasibility and potential value. It serves as a critical step in evaluating the viability of an idea, concept, or technology before committing to a full-scale development effort. At INVASSO, we specialize in PoC Development services that help organizations test and validate their innovative concepts and technologies.

Our team of experienced developers and technical experts can assist you in creating a PoC that provides evidence of your idea's viability and showcases its potential benefits.

Feasibility Assessment: PoCs allow you to assess the technical feasibility of your concept or technology in a real-world context.

Risk Reduction: By conducting a PoC, you can identify and address technical challenges and risks early, reducing the likelihood of costly setbacks in later stages.

Investor and Stakeholder Confidence: A successful PoC can inspire confidence among investors, stakeholders, and decision-makers, facilitating further investment and development.

Market Validation: A PoC can help you gather feedback from potential users or customers, validating the concept's appeal and value proposition.

Innovation Testing: PoCs are an effective way to test and innovate with new technologies or approaches before committing extensive resources.

Concept and Objectives: We start by working closely with you to understand the concept or technology you want to validate and define clear objectives for the PoC.

Scope and Limitations: We determine the scope and limitations of the PoC, including what specific features or aspects will be tested and what won't be included.

Technology Selection: Based on your concept, we choose the most suitable technologies, frameworks, and tools for the PoC.

Development: Our development team creates a limited implementation of the concept, focusing on the core functionality required to demonstrate feasibility.

Testing and Evaluation: Rigorous testing is conducted to assess the performance, functionality, and reliability of the PoC. We closely monitor and evaluate its performance under different conditions.

Documentation: We provide documentation that outlines the PoC's objectives, methodology, findings, and insights.

Presentation and Demonstration: We assist in presenting and demonstrating the PoC to stakeholders, investors, or potential users to showcase its potential value.

Feedback and Decision-Making: Based on the results of the PoC and user feedback, you can make informed decisions about whether to proceed with further development or adjustments to the concept.

Scaling or Next Steps: If the PoC is successful, we can assist in planning the next steps, which may include scaling up the development effort, seeking additional funding, or refining the concept.


INVASSO's PoC Development services are your key to testing and validating innovative ideas, technologies, and concepts without a full-scale commitment. Let us help you assess feasibility, reduce risks, and gain the confidence you need to move forward with your innovative ventures.


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